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  • Do you have questions about naming stars or astronomy in general?
  • Are you thinking about naming a star for someone?
  • Are you trying to think of a gift idea for Christmas?
  • Perhaps you’re considering naming a star as an employee appreciation gift, but you haven’t quite made up your mind?
  • Would you like to know a little more about Name A Star Live?

Our Tip Center can help you with these and other questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, check out our FAQ’s, our About Us section, or just ask us – we’ll be happy to help you!

Learn all about astronomy and get advice on astronomy star gifts. Ever wonder, how do I name a star? Read on to learn more on constellation maps and constellation software.

Christmas Stars
Learn why you should purchase a star for Christmas and Christmas star facts. Get advice and child Christmas gift ideas.

Commercial Space Flight
Learn about commercial space flight, including by star naming company Name a Star Live. Space Services performed the first private space flight. Read on to learn more.

Name a Star
Learn all about star names. Get advice for when you buy a star name and name a star. Learn tips on why you should name a star after a loved one.

Notable Stars in the Sky
Learn about notable stars in the sky, including the North Star. Also, get advice on purchasing a star.

Star Facts
Learn cool star facts for after you buy a star. But your own star and get facts about stars with Name a Star Live.

Stargazing Basics
After you buy a star for someone, consider these stargazing basics for seeing the gift star, including how to use a star gazing chart.

Stars as Corporate Gifts
For a unique corporate incentive gift, consider naming a star. Stars also work as great employee recognition awards and personalized corporate gifts.

Stars as Personal Gifts
Learn why stars make great personalized anniversary gifts and personalized baby birthday gifts. Consider a star name gift for any occasion.

Valentine's Day Stars
For unique Valentine’s Day gifts, consider a star. Get advice on why you should buy a star for Valentine’s Day, and tips for Valentine’s Day stargazing.

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