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6/17/2009 You were a great person and a great actor who inspired people around the world with Star Trek's many positive messages & themes. Thank you.
- Richard Braastad
9/26/2007 "Standard orbit Mr. Scott!"
- A Fan, New York, New York, USA
9/26/2007 You added to the spice of life. Thanks for the memories.
- Anthony Settles, Houston, Texas, US
9/25/2007 thank you for being a consumate professional and sharing your gifts with the world. you are greatly missed and adored by millions of fans, spanning generations. you are, and always will be my friend. peace and love.
- Stephen A. Pike, Stoughton, Massachusettsq, U.S.A.
9/24/2007 It is a blessing to all that one of few can inspire and infuence so many for greater aspirations to the society that inhabits this little blue planet called Earth! Scotty, as you boldly go where this man will go one day, know you and your crew have touched many with greatness and will continue to inspire!
- David Thomson, Madisonville, Kentucky, United States of America
9/24/2007 Wir werden Dich immer in Erinnerung behalten!
- Klaus Blöck, Germany
9/23/2007 Godspeed..
- Linda Vitellaro, Brooklyn, New York
9/22/2007 10 years ago at the 3oth anniversay in Huntsville, AL I had the privilege of meeting you and having a beer with you at the reception. May I say that you were a wonderful human being who brought out the best in us. Safe Travels!
- Lou
9/22/2007 Scotty..you will forever be a shining light in the universe. I met Mr. Doohan on two occasions at Conventions and he was a very nice and animated individual. his passing brought real tears to my eyes and still think of him whenever I think of Star trek..to his family..we know you must miss him terribly and must be proud of the spaceflight..I wish you the best..and thnk you "Scotty" for all the woderful years of trek and your very presense in this world..the word is given.....
- Jimmy R. Powell, Cullman, Alabama, United States
9/21/2007 Goodbye, Captain Scott. I offer thee a farewell to you on your voyage to settle down at that Norpin colony. You now live among the stars, the stars within this cosmos that you and your castmates helped the world to look upon with a new and beautiful perspective. *Raises glass of Aldebaran whiskey.* Here is tae you, laddie. You will be missed.
- With regards, Ian C., Redding, California, United States of America
9/21/2007 From a fellow Scot "Wha's like us, no many an' they're awe daft!" You simply made TOS so much fun to watch, and the films, well....the humour was simply brilliant! The "Up yer shaft..."comment will forever be with me and make me laugh. God speed to you, and always remember "Ye cannae change the laws o' physics Captain..." :-)
- Drew Ketchen, Scotland
9/21/2007 A great actor, a great man and in my mind a hero. No matter what life threw at you, you faced it, overcame it and never lost your sense of humour. It's something we could all learn from. Your contribution to Star Trek, not only playing Scotty but also as a voice actor, creator of Klingonese and your many appearances for the fans should also not be forgotten. And of course, you will always be in our hearts. Scotty, Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise "N-C-C 1-7-0-1. No bloody A, B, C, or D."
- Matthew J. Thomas, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
9/20/2007 I'm sorry I never had the chance to know you, sir. Thank you for the joy you have given me. Enjoy the view from up there. Hay x
- Hay, Weymouth, Dorset, England
9/20/2007 We shall always remember you and the wonderful Mr. Scott you played in one of the most loved series on TV. I feel honored to be able to leave this short message with you as you fly high and reach for the stars once again. Fly high and free!
- Stefanie Groener, Turin, Piemont, Italy
9/20/2007 You were brave in real life, re: D-Day landing, and how you lost your middle finger, as you are in death. We engineers worldwide owe you a thanks for elevating us from the lowly assumed servants of theory to that of a miracle worker and genius.
- Commander Suroc, West Hills, CA, USA
9/19/2007 Thank you for being You and for all the joy and happiness you gave all of us for so many years. Now its time for you to be beamed up Scotty, and may all of us be so lucky one day....Warp speed and God bless
- Theresa Moore
9/19/2007 Goodbye Captain Scott, time to take that Enterprise shuttle to Norpin colony and settle down, one last time. Your essence will bless the stars, of this cosmos your castmates and yourself especially, helped the world to look upon with a different but beautiful perspective. You will be missed, sir. *Raises glass of Aldebaran Whiskey.* Here is tae you, laddie.
- Best wishes, Ian C., Redding, California, United States of America
9/19/2007 You were and are still a real pleasure to watch on Trek Jimmy, enjoy yourself where you truly belong- among the stars.
- Jamie Ward, Glasgow, Scotland
9/19/2007 May you soar among the stars for all eternity, almost as high as you have lifted us up. Pleasant journey and god speed, you are remembered with all the love and respect in the galaxy.
- Mike Morgan, Portland, Oregon, USA
9/19/2007 You brought dreams of space exploration to many a young child, myself included. Dreams of one day experiencing life on not only a space ship, but life on another planet as well. Thank you for the wonder of space you brought into our homes, and the imprint you've left on all of our hearts. God Speed through the Final Frontier....
- Sandra Briggs, Centralia, Missouri, USA
9/18/2007 We miss you very much. When you see Deforest and Gene give them a big hug from all of us and tell them that we will be seeing them when its our time to get on the big Transporter.
- Kellie, Moline, IL, USA
9/18/2007 I'll always love you! Save me a seat in Engineering.
- Jim DiGennaro, Du Bois, Pennsylvania, USA
9/18/2007 My union with Star Trek began in 1982. I was 14 then. I'm 40 now. Mr. Doohan was the first and only ST actor who send me a personal letter as a reply to mine's. Such a pride for me! He said that I was the first person from Brazil to write him! Me! Such a honor! I hold his letter as a treasure. That's why I always felt close to Mr. Doohan. He was a MAN before being an actor and I will always care about him. I'm sure he's in a good place! And now... to the stars! Farewell, Mr Doohan! All my best!
- Marcelo S. Carvalho, Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil
9/18/2007 Thank you for all the wunderfull Star Trek moments I had, watchin The Orginal Series and The Movies. A trully gifted actor and one of us. Live long and Prosper, Scotty.
- Michael Knaepen, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, España
9/18/2007 As the actor who follows in your footsteps and plays "Scotty" on Star Trek New Voyages. I most humbly say THANK YOU for all that you have given to the world and the opportunity you have given me! God Bless you Sir!
- Charles Root, Burlington, Vermont, USA
9/18/2007 Boldly joining Gene Roddenberry to where no other Trekkies gone before Forever in Star Trek's Hearts
- Sam, Lavingtion, NSW, Australia
9/18/2007 You are truly missed and will always be remembered. You are certainly exploring new worlds!!!
- Cleo, Ogden, Utah, United States of America
9/17/2007 All my friends watched Star Trek and afterward when we went outside to play, we naturally played Star Trek. I was always Scotty. Thank You.
- Dave
9/17/2007 Again I have an oppertunity to write a message for you. It's been more than two years and it still feels like only yesterday we lost you. This world lost a great man when you died. Godspeed!
- Brett, Mundelein, IL, United States of America
9/17/2007 I just want to thankyou for making my Star Trek Experience one that I will hold forever and will never forget... God Speed...
- Timothy Ritchie, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
9/17/2007 We miss you a lot down here, let space be your new frontier, thanks for your work and life it was illustrious and fantastic, may you rest in piece in your final frontier.
- Chris Watson
9/17/2007 Thank you for every recovery of the Enterprise, for your humor and for your faithfulness to the ship and to the crew. Thank you just for your presence and for every second that you have played Scotty! Sie werden die Reisen fortsetzen, die wir begonnen haben und mutig zu all den unentdeckten Ländern vorstoßen, wo noch kein Mensch, wo noch niemand zuvor gewesen ist." God bless you on your final journey Mr. Scott.
- Max, Wiesbaden, Hessia, Germany
9/17/2007 Thank you for all the years of t.v. enjoyment.Star Trek would not have been the if not for you.I only wished I knew you in person....God bless you and your family.
- Roger, Henderson, Texas, USA
9/17/2007 Go boldly Mr Doohan. Scotty brought so much joy and inspiration to so many lives and have earned your place among the stars. You won't be forgotten!
- Jan Tromans
9/17/2007 Thank you sir and friend for all you have done in this life and journey. Looking forward to meeting up with you on yonder side one day.
- Gary and Caren Linden, Oroville, California
9/16/2007 Thank you for all the inspirational actions you have done over the years. Many people are in the sciences and physics because of you. Warp nine, Engage!
- Jenna, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
9/16/2007 You taught us that dreams are made possible, not possibly made. Thank You.
- Steve Muscella, USA
9/16/2007 From the engine room of the Enterprise, you captured my young imagination. Thank you for teaching me that no matter how great the odds, anything is possible with a little ingenuity. God bless you.
- Molly
9/16/2007 Thank you for giving us the wonderful character of Scotty. He and you will live on in our hearts and on our TV screens for many years to come. My thoughts will be with you as you set off on your final voyage of exploration - may it be a peaceful one.
- Anna, Torquay, Devon, UK
9/16/2007 Thank you for the vision you and Gene helped to create. Star Trek has help people see a vision that could be the future, and we all thank you for helping us see it.
- Spencer Beckwith, Cottage Grove, WI, USA
9/16/2007 Thank-you for giving us a great character, a great television show, and a great vision for the future. "All we need is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by."
- Chris J, Coventry, Midlands, United Kingdom
9/16/2007 Now, after all there years dreaming with being in space, there you are... journeying to the stars. Thanks for everything, Scotty!
- Susana Barral, Madrid, Spain
9/16/2007 Warp Speed Mr. Scott, engage! You always found the right tool for the right job. You are in our hearts forever. Bon voyage mon ami.
- Ben, Columbus, OH, USA
9/16/2007 You and your fellow cast members entertained millions throughout your careers. The memories you've given us will continue over many generations. Thank you
- Lyle, Montrose, PA, USA
9/15/2007 Thanks for every moment of joy and wonder. God speed on this new journey, farewell. "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain."
- Nuno Vieira, Porto, Portugal
9/15/2007 You will always be one of the best people in Star Trek and one of the greatest actors known to man. With you on board we know any problem will be dealt with quickly, It'd just sad you had to leave us to go on your own trek in the stars.
- Jonathan, UK
9/15/2007 Thank you for bringing so very much joy and hope to my life. It has been an honor to be your fan.
- Carol Corrie Cynova, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
9/15/2007 Thanks for all the inspiration you've given everybody. On your journey to the final frontier may all be well. The dream lives on with all who have watched and know the famous Montgomery Scott.
- Danielle Jedral, Canada
9/15/2007 hi my name is scott iam 30 years old i would like to know if there is another startrek movie comeing soon plz
- scott tiedemann, brisbane, QLD, aus
9/15/2007 Goodbye Scotty, you will be missed, on your final voyage to settle down at the Norpin colony, among the stars, among this cosmos you helped the world to look upon with a beautiful and different perspective. *Raises glass of Aldebaran Whiskey.* Here is to you, lad.
- Ian C., Redding, California, USA
9/15/2007 Goodbye Scotty, you will be missed, on your final voyage to settle down at the Norpin colony, among the stars, among this cosmos you helped the world to look upon with a beautiful and different perspective. *Raises glass of Aldebaran Whiskey.* Here is to you, lad. Fare thee well, -Ian
- Ian C., Redding, California, USA
9/15/2007 James, Words cannot express all that you've done for the legions of people around the world who grew up watching you operating the Enterprise's transporter console and keeping her engines running purring. You brought to me, and all of them, something that will last for a great many years to come. I can assure you of this: you will not be forgotten.
- Colin Kiddine
9/15/2007 You have two things in common with my grandad you both deffended our world when called upon and you both are now in our heavenly skies for that i will always love you both. Good by capt Scott/Doohan and god bless you I will never for get you as long as I live.
- philip howell, London, England
9/15/2007 I'm glad I got a chance to meet you at DragonCon 2001. I can't think of any other actor who managed to affect the career choices of so many people in a positive way. I believe that we have a responsibility to improve the world, and you certainly did that. Thank you.
- Scott Hedrick, Old Town, Florida, USA
9/15/2007 James T Kirk may have commanded the Enterprise, but Scotty was the one who kept it flying. He may be gone, but he shall never be forgotten
- Christopher Richard Gren
9/15/2007 Farewell, Scotty. Time for that trip to the Norpin colony to settle down among the stars, among the cosmos that you helped the world to look upon with a different and beautiful perspective. *Raises glass of Aldebaran Whiskey.* To you, lad.
- Ian, Redding, California, USA
9/15/2007 You couldn't change the laws of physics, but you changed the live of a little boy, who grew to love Star Trek and value equal rights for everyone. Thank you!
- Cmdr. Tobias Haftmann
9/14/2007 Again I have an oppertunity to write s message for you. It's been more than two years and it still feels like only yesterday we lost you. This world lost a great man when you died. Godspeed!
- Brett, Mundelein, IL, United States of America
9/14/2007 Thank you for forty years of dreaming. You will be remembered always. The word is given, ahead warp factor 9.
- Gail, New York, New York, USA
9/14/2007 You were an inspiration to so many. We loved you in the series and the movies. Thanks for the good times!
- Joe Kordonowy, Albuquerque, NM, USA
9/14/2007 Thank you for all that you have done. You were the heart of what made Star Trek great. You are the inspiration of thousands. Enjoy your flight Scotty. Warp factor 5!
- Josh, New Mexico
9/14/2007 You were one of the people that made me like Star Trek. You also helped me with my love for science. If you were alive I would want to thank you.
- Robby Raney IV
9/14/2007 You are part of 40 plus Star Trek memories I have had since I watched the premier episode in 1966. There could not have been a better person chosen to be the Enterprise's chief engineer. You gave the ship a life of its own. On your final journey may your spirit see all of those faraway places you, the crew, and the Enterprise took us. God speed.
- Evans E. Pate Jr., Detroit, Michigan, USA
9/14/2007 I never met you, but that didn't matter to me you were a great actor and loved your protrayal of scotty on star trek series and movies its sad not having you around and you'll be missed but at least you be with gene in space and in spirit you were the best.
- Michael Hoskins, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
9/14/2007 Scotty you now have gone where few men have been before and I know you will be no tribble at all. God Speed!
- John Downs, Vista, California, USA
9/14/2007 Thank you for all memories(doing security for you was one of greatest joys in my life)
- Carol Kaplan, Ventnor, NJ, USA
9/14/2007 Thank you for all the memories. I miss the all night card games when he came to town.
- Brad Wilkinson, Dallas, Texas, usa
9/14/2007 You are great starship technician and you give me an inspiration for my life. It was great see you in TNG episode "Relics" with LaForge. Live long And Prosper.
- Marek Pesout, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
9/12/2007 You were the one who brought wonder to a young kid, that made me want to know how things worked and how to give them "more power"! God speed on you final Journey, MR Scott, Warp 9....Engage!!!
- Lt. Cmdr. Anthony LeManquais USS ANGEL, Beverly Hills, FL, USA
9/11/2007 The dream is alive and will someday be reality. Thank you Scotty full speed ahead.
- Phillip Brewer, Oxnard, CA, USA
9/11/2007 Thank you for all the memories you've given to us. It's been a great voyage, from playing Scotty to doing voices on the original and animated shows, and the movies and Relics on TNG. thank you. god bless you on your final journey Mr. Scott, second star to the right, straight on till morning.
- James, Buffalo, NY, USA
9/11/2007 Thanks for demonstrating possibility thinking at a time when it seemed ahead of its time.
- Joe Burks, Tulsa, OK, USA
9/9/2007 May god be with you. Set a course for your mission. Engage.
- Jamison Hurley, Lake Dallas, TX, USA
9/8/2007 "All I can say is...they don't make them like they used ta." - Scotty, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier They'll never make another one like you, more's the pity. Thank you for making the ride smooth and safe -- and so much fun.
9/6/2007 Thank you for the years of joy and inspiration. You will live forever in our hearts and minds through one of history's most memorable characters. Farewell!
- Ricardo Santiago, San Juan, PR, PR / USA
8/30/2007 "The only diplomat I believe in is a fully loaded phaser."
- Ryan, Woodsville, NH, USA
8/28/2007 Thank you for bringing joy and hope to the hearts of millions. Godspeed on this leg of the journey and its a comfort to know that when i eventually pass on there will be an experienced man there to beam me home
- Dan Galipo, Byford, Western Australia, Australia
8/27/2007 My dear hero. You're the man I watched the show for. But as you said "Ye canna change the laws of physics" and you've left us now. You were the man who got me into acting. You will be greatly missed.
- Scott Bass
8/27/2007 Words connot express what Star Trek and you "Scotty" have done for me. The Mabe Shipyards exist because of your love for your ships, taught me how to draw, paint and most important to create with an open mind. Light will be your ship now! James Doohan!!!...... Thank you!!! My eyes are to the stars. May you sail forth with the Great Eagle!
- The Mabe Shipyards @yahoo.com, Binghamton, New York, United States of America
8/27/2007 The last Fly will be the best but not the last.
- Chris
8/27/2007 Miracles do happen. Godspeed.
- J.M. Romeling, Delfzijl, The Netherlands
8/26/2007 Your character Scotty gave me inspiration to become a scientist, and learn more about other cultures and space. I hope that on your final journey you will go where no man has gone before.
- Joseph Ibrahim Said, Laurel, Maryland, USA
8/25/2007 I really enjoyed the star trek show, and without you, honestly, the show would have lost a lot of its shine. You always seemed to be in a good mood, and seemed like a nice person in real life as well. God Speed on your final jouney.
- Gabriel jaszczak, williston, north dakota, USA
8/25/2007 God's Speed Man!
- Lavaaron L. Davis, Yutan, NE, USA
8/23/2007 God's Speed Scotty. "First Star On The Right, Then Straight Through 'Till Morning." ~ MGySgt Randy C Ford Bravo Co First 1st Tank Bn USMC
- Randy, Twentyninepalms, California, USA
8/17/2007 To anyone - human or otherwise! - who may find this, you have come across all that remains of a man who belonged to a generation. He was there at the start of our love affair with the distantly possible, an icon. Wherever he is, I'm sure that, finally, there is enough power.
- Graeme A Carter
8/12/2007 Thanks for everything!
- Paolo Jalbuena, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
8/11/2007 Thank you so much for being one of the tv greats and also an inspiration to myself. Take care on your final voyage to the stars
- Allen
8/8/2007 Growing up, and even now, you and the other Star Trek cast were my inspiration in life; my true role models, and the role models for all of humankind and the future. I manage a business, and I owe all of my success to you guys - I couldn't have made it this far without the moral and ethical perspective Star Trek gave me on how to deal with everyday life. Thank you, and good luck on your final mission.
- Paul Reece, Clinton Twp, MI, USA
8/7/2007 As if you're inspirational role on "Star Trek" wasn't enough, you were a true hero of World War II. God bless on your final journey.
- Matt, Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA
8/7/2007 I wish I was going with you boss. Hail and farewell on this, the consummation of your dream. It looks as though you've finally been beamed up. Thanks for all the memories, including this final adventure.
- Kenneth C. Gibson, Sammamish, Washington, USA
8/2/2007 Thank you for everything! We salute you! Scotty rocks forever!
- Quirin Kasberger, 86368 Gersthofen, Germany
8/2/2007 He was a great man, and a wonderful actor. He is greatly missed. -John Cowan
- John Cowan, Jacksonville, Florida
8/2/2007 Thank you for inspiring many people, you were a great "scotsman", and if there was somebody to fix something impossible ,i would call up scotty and nobody else,share a glass off whiskey with you,and have a laugh. blessing on your final journey into the Final Frontier
- Ludwig Deceuninck, Ostend, West Flanders, Belgium
8/2/2007 You as a man, and "Scotty" the character you brought to life, inspired an entire generation to shoot for the stars, that no probem can't be overcome. From an old Navy Chief, I wish you "Fair Winds and Following Seas" on your final voyage.
- Tom, Philadelphia, PA, USA
8/1/2007 What a wonderfull life you must of had, a fine send off.
- Glyn Walker
8/1/2007 I will always look-up to you both literally and figuratively now. I grew up watching you and the show that I've come to Love so much. You and everyone from the show helped me grow up and become the person I am today. You Sir, will never be foregotten! Love and Respect Richard Reeves
- Richard Reeves
8/1/2007 I am more than a trekkie I dedicate myself to see myself for the importance that james doohan give to scootty .For all in the family You should celebrate the live and death of the most important actor role in sci fi saga no matter what tickets saids scotty is the best.He revolutionate the engineered business and teach us how important engines the heart of somebody to treat it like a lady so thanks for the oportunity and James now yow can go were no one have gone before ,warp factor 8 Mr Scott.
- Steven Gonzalez, agaudilla, pr, Puerto Rico
8/1/2007 Thank you for making us believe that anything was possible no matter the odds, you always came through in the end. Farewell Mr Scott, you will be truly missed and forever remembered.
- Quintus Janse van Rensburg, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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