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The Name A Star Live Deluxe Framed Gift Set mounts your personalized Star Certificate in a wooden frame – ready for gift giving – along with a Star Chart showing your star's location in space, our award-winning Virtual Planetarium™ astronomy software, and more! Plus, we launch your star name into space! Great for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduation, an anniversary, a birthday, or any occasion!

Note: Due to air travel restrictions related to Covid-19, there could be significant delays in delivery of this gift set to Asia and Europe. Note that delivery to U.S. and Canadian addresses is not affected. Consider our Instant Gifts, which are delivered via the Internet.

To name and dedicate your star, just follow the instructions after checkout and place your star in My Sky for the world to see.

Deluxe Framed Gift Set
Customize Your Star Certificate
The Name A Star Live Star Certificate prominently the star's new name, registration date, telescopic coordinates, and the message you dedicate to the recipient. Arrives printed and framed (wood 11"x14"). Customize it by selecting to receive it digitally or order another copy to share (letter size 81/2"x11").
Digital Star Certificate [Add $9.95]
Printed Star Certificate (copy) [Add $9.95]
Framed Star Certificate (copy) [Add $29.90]
Customize Your Star Chart
Our astronomical Star Chart shows the precise location of the star you named within its constellation. Customize your gift set by adding either the digital Star Chart and have it ready for immediate download, order a copy to share or receive the star chart already framed (wood 11"x14").
Digital Star Chart [Add $9.95]
Printed Star Chart [Add $6.95]
Framed Star Chart (copy) [Add $34.95]
Add An Astrophoto
The Astrophoto is a real photo of your star’s constellation. Customized with the star name, astronomical coordinates and includes an inset showing your star, its neighboring stars, and their location within the constellation. Customize your keepsake gift and received the Astophoto framed (wood 11"x14"). Add a printed copy or a digital copy for instant delivery. Features: full color, printed on glossy paper, letter size (8 1/2”x11”).
Digital Astrophoto [Add $19.95]
Astrophoto in Display Folder [Add $29.95]
Framed Astrophoto [Add $49.95]

Printed Star Chart

The Star Chart displays star’s new name, registration date, telescopic coordinates and shows the precise location of the star you named within its constellation. Features: full color, glossy paper, letter size (8 1/2”x11”).

Virtual Planetarium

The Virtual Planetarium astronomy software provides access to award-winning NASA images, astronomy and space mission websites, and 3-D photos of Mars. Use the Virtual Planetarium to locate the constellation of your star, and to portal to the best space information on the web including interactive games and lessons. Includes instructions, software download, and 3-D Glasses. Details

Astronomy e-Book

From sunspots to black holes, planets around other stars, supernovae and dark matter, this lavishly illustrated, rich e-book unveils the mysteries of today's research, looking at cutting-edge astronomy from around the world. (200 pages, available for download).

Registered star name

The star name is registered in the astronomical star catalog by Space Services, Inc. — the pioneer and global leader in commercial space launches and services for nearly 30 years.

Star name launched into space

Launch your star to the stars! Exclusive and available only in the Name A Star Live store launches your star's name and message of dedication on a real space mission. Launch date, time and location is sent to you via email in the weeks before the launch takes place. Live viewing of the launch is included when possible.

Constellation Calendar

Find out when the star is visible from your location anytime in the year.


Surprise your gift recipient and send a beautiful e-card displaying the star name and its astronomical coordinates. Customize the card with your personal message.

Purchase your gift set

Select the ideal gift set that fits the budget or your sentiment.

Register A Star

Name the star, select a constellation, select a registration date and occasion.

Write an e-card

Surprise the recipient with an e-card showing the new star name while the gift set is produced and shipped.

Download Virtual Planetarium

Download your digital copy of our award-winning astronomy software. Software details are located here.

View the launch

Weeks before the launch takes place you will receive an email notification with the date, time and location

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What's In The Box
  • Framed Star Certificate
  • Printed Star Chart
  • Instructions
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