About Us

A Proven Leader

Name A Star Live is a product of Space Services, the legendary pioneer of the commercial space industry. Beginning in 1982 with Conestoga 1 – the first privately funded launch of a rocket into outer space – the Space Services team has always been dedicated to opening the heavens for all of us.

Pictured is the launch of the Conestoga rocket, September 8, 1982.

Name Your Star Now

Name A Star Live

In 2003, Space Services introduced its own special version of the popular, symbolic star naming service first marketed by other companies in the 1970s. Before ours, star naming gifts were novelties - composed of nicely packaged parcels of paper, with the star names “recorded” in a copyrighted document – and that was that.

Making it Real

Name A Star Live introduced next to star naming exciting, interactive experiences – at no additional cost – including 3D astronomy software, star viewing opportunities and real space flight participation. No other star naming service has ever matched us.

Send Your Star to the Stars

Space Services has delivered thousands of messages to the International Space Station, transmitted more than 100,000 messages across space to five distant galaxies, and placed our Name A Star Live dedication messages on rockets launched from the United States, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and the Canary Islands. Only Name A Star Live makes it real!