Star Naming Guide: Astronomy

Observing Basics

Any introduction to astronomy should include directions for observing in good conditions, being able to identify constellations with the naked eye, and being able to view stars with binoculars or telescopes. However, there are also some technical tricks you can use to enhance your stargazing experience, perhaps after being inspired by a star gift from a thoughtful loved one.

Are you looking for your star using a telescope? It can help to wear an eye patch on your observing eye while going to the observation point and setting up your telescope. You want your observing eye adjusted to darkness, which will make stars much easier to spot through the eyepiece. Also, avoid being out in bright sunlight during the afternoon prior to observing: Exposing your eyes to bright sunlight in the afternoon hours can make it more difficult for your eyes to adjust to the night sky in the evening hours. If you have to go outside in the afternoon, wear sunglasses. And avoid drinking alcohol before and during your stargazing session: Alcohol inhibits your ability to focus through a telescope or binoculars.

Before locating your star through the ‘scope, consult a constellation map, planisphere or software like Name A Star Live’s Virtual Planetarium™ to find the general area of the night sky where a particular star is located. Then use a star chart together with the telescope to zoom in on it.

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