Star Naming Guide: Notable Stars in the Sky

Polaris: North Today, Not Tomorrow

The North Star has been used for centuries as a navigational tool. Its existence has long been a point of fascination...

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The Big Dipper: Map to Freedom

The Big Dipper is not a constellation, but an asterism—which means that it’s a smaller group of distinctive stars within a much larger constellation.

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The Pleiades Star System: Not Just a New Age Myth

Perhaps no other group of stars is as steeped in mythology as the Pleiades star cluster—and not just due to recent myths

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Vega: A Star for All Seasons

Vega is one of the most studied stars in our sky. A recent article in Science Daily states that scientists have detected the existence of a magnetic field on Vega...

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Orion the Hunter: Star of the Heavens

In terms of popularity and recognition, only one other group of stars rivals the Big Dipper: the constellation of Orion.

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