Star Naming Guide: Christmas Stars

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If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift idea, why not consider purchasing a star for Christmas? This fun, environmentally-aware seasonal gift provides years of learning and enjoyment.

Christmas has long been associated with the stars of the night sky, the most famous being the Star of Bethlehem. So naming a star for Christmas makes for a unique and appropriate gift for people of all ages, including children.

If you have two children consider purchasing separate name-a-star gift sets for each child. You might want to name the stars within the same constellation (area of the night sky, such as Aries or Taurus) so that they can be observed together. Naming two stars can pique both child’s interest in astronomy and avoid any sibling rivalry. Another option is to name two stars, each located in a zodiacal constellation corresponding to each child's zodiacal sign.

Name a Star Live offers multiple gift sets, including those catered toward children. The Star Bear Gift Set includes a star name, downloadable star certificate, the star and message launched into space, a launch certificate, and a plush teddy bear, perfect for the little ones. Also consider the Ultimate Children's Gift Set, which in addition to naming a star and launching the star name into space, features the Twilight Sea Turtle star projector that projects three constellations onto the walls and ceiling of any room while the shell lights up to highlight five endangered sea animals.

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