Star Naming Guide: Christmas Stars

Wintertime Indoor Stargazing

Winter stargazing is great fun, and when you’ve named a star for Christmas it can be a very special event to search for that star for the very first time. In some regions, winter star viewing can be challenging because of the cold weather; if you want to maximize the enjoyment of winter stargazing, consider getting started indoors by viewing the sky through a window.

You want as clear a view of the sky as possible, so make sure you are viewing through a completely open window; even a screen can blur your view.

Turn off all the lights in the room and view the sky in complete darkness, if possible. Wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and then try to find the location of your gift star and nearby constellations. Start with the naked eye and then move to a set of binoculars or a telescope.

Don’t be frustrated if the limited viewing hinders your efforts. Once you are able to go outside and see the full night sky, you and your children will be all the more amazed.

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