Star Naming Guide: Commercial Spaceflights

Space Services Inc. Already Ahead of the Private Space Exploration Curve

The preponderance of corporations dedicated to commercial spaceflight makes it clear that once everything kicks into high gear, the field will be extremely competitive. One such company that stands to move farther and faster than others is Space Services Inc., which has maintained a foothold in private space exploration for more then 30 years.

Space Services' head start began in 1982, with its launch of the first ever privately funded rocket, the Conestoga, and continues to this day with regularly scheduled launches. Space Services, in a partnership with Celestis, flies portions of cremated remains into outer space in symbolic space burials.

Also a leader in the star naming business, Space Services operates with Name a Star Live to provide discerning shoppers the answer to where to buy a star and get the most for their money. Offering a unique experience not offered by similar companies, every star name and dedication message is launched into outer space aboard a rocket.

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