Star Naming Guide: Notable Stars in the Sky

The Pleiades Star System: Not Just a New Age Myth

Perhaps no other group of stars is as steeped in mythology as the Pleiades star cluster—and not just due to recent myths that have grown around claims of extraterrestrial visitation. The star system, which in relative terms is considered a new neighbor (scientists estimate their distance at 425 light years, and their age at about 100 million years) has a long history embedded within the folklore of many cultures.

The Lakota Tribe of North America called the Pleiades “Cmaamc,” weaving a legend that linked them to the creation of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. The Aztecs called them “Tianquiztli,” which means “gathering place.” In Swahili they’re called “kilimia,” which translates to "digging stars”—their appearance always coinciding with the onset of the rainy season.

But the Pleiades are probably best known for their place in Greek mythology, where the seven brightest stars are named for the mythical Seven Sisters, daughters of Atlas and Pleione, whom Zeus immortalized by turning into stars.

Nowadays, you don’t have to wield the power of Zeus in order to give someone a taste of immortality—symbolically purchasing a star and naming it for a loved one can accomplish the same, with a decidedly less dramatic outcome.

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