Star Naming Guide: Notable Stars in the Sky

Vega: A Star for All Seasons

Vega is one of the most studied stars in our sky. A recent article in Science Daily states that scientists have detected the existence of a magnetic field on Vega — giving further indication that it may have a planetary system.

Although new discoveries about Vega continue to feed the public’s interest in one of the closest and brightest stars in our sky (Vega is a mere 25 light-years away, practically next door), that interest is certainly not new.

In Polynesian culture, Vega was called “Whetu a Fe Tau” (The Year Star) and served to mark the beginning of their new year, as its setting below the horizon was used in ancient Rome to mark the beginning of autumn. And in Chinese mythology, Vega played a large part in a stellar love story that cast Altair and Vega as separated lovers that came briefly back together in the night sky every seven years.

The history of the stars is filled with a rich romanticism that carries on to this day. Purchasing a star for a loved one is a symbolic act made possible by name-a-star companies, whose work helps keep that spirit of romance alive.

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