Star Naming Guide: Star Facts

Buying Your Own Star

If you want to buy your own star, there are a few star facts you should understand first. Buying a star is a symbolic gesture that makes an excellent gift. In truth, nobody actually “owns” a star. However, when you name your own star, you join a community of people all fascinated by those lights in the sky.

When you buy a star through Name a Star Live, you are asked to assign a name to it (with a 25-character limit) plus list the occasion; be it a birthday, holiday, or an occasion for honoring a relative or even an employee.

Your star will be located in or near a known constellation, which makes consulting a star map to find it much easier. Depending on the time of year you are studying the stars, the constellation might be easy to spot. However, outside the viewing season for a particular constellation, you may have difficulty finding it.

The good news is there are plenty of constellation guides to help you out. To make locating your constellation a snap, consider purchasing a Name a Star Live gift set that includes the Virtual Planetarium™ software. Also, pick up a copy of the Planisphere Constellation Finder, which is a handy guide to the constellations you can stash in a pocket or backpack.

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