Star Naming Guide: Star Facts

Stargazing Weather Check

When planning a stargazing night to find the celestial body listed on your star certificate and its neighbors, the first thing you’ll want to ensure is that the conditions are ideal. Start by looking at the weather predictions for the week—are there clear skies forecast for the next few days? Of course, weather predictions can be wrong, but there’s an old trick to tell if your night is going to be good for viewing different types of stars; check out the sky during the day. What does the afternoon sky look like?

As a general guide, if the afternoon skies are a deep blue, the night sky should be clean and dark—the deeper the afternoon blue, the better your night sky should look through the binoculars or telescope. If you do get unexpected rain or cloud cover blown in by evening winds, check the forecast for the following day and perform the “afternoon blue” check again.

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