Star Naming Guide: Stars as Corporate Gifts

Employee Recognition Awards: Merge the Tangible with the Intangible

A corporation’s most valuable asset is its employees. It’s important to maintain a motivated and positive workforce, which is easier said than done, especially in tough economic times. Personal and moving gestures in the form of employee recognition awards go a long way to making this happen.

Employee recognition awards have historically come in all shapes and sizes—cash prizes, stock options, and lavish weekend getaways are just a few examples of the time-honored awards now less frequently seen due to budgetary constraints. With businesses tightening their belts and bracing against the harsh economic climate, offering rewards that are low in cost but high in sentimental value are gaining prominence. In fact, according to a study done by Fortune Magazine and the Hay Group 74% of employers claim to understand that their employees appreciate awards that contain both tangible and intangible benefits.

Name a Star Live from Space Services Inc. is the answer to honoring your best employees by providing an inexpensive gift that’s rich in significance. Celebrate those employees that have gone above and beyond by naming a star in their honor. Each star name and dedication message is launched into space aboard a rocket.

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