Star Naming Guide: Stars as Corporate Gifts

Finding Creative Employee Incentive Gifts

Finding employees worthy of receiving performance incentives is rarely a difficult task, but choosing a worthwhile incentive during tough economic times often is.

This is not to say that companies should forgo employee incentive programs and gifts during a down economy. On the contrary, they are necessary in order to maintain high morale and a productive workforce.

A recent column in the Orange County Register entitled “Companies keep employees motivated in tough times” stressed the importance of creative recognition programs, particularly for industries dealing with a young workforce accustomed to positive reinforcement.

As a general guideline for selecting a creative corporate incentive gift, the gift should have some resonance with the company brand or values. According the article, many businesses theme each gift around an assigned monthly value, like “positivity” or “problem solver.” The article also contains suggestions for involving the entire office (if size dictates) in choosing each month’s recipient.

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