Star Naming Guide: Valentine's Day Stars

The Gift of a Binary Star System

When you name a star for Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to choose a single name for a single star. Why not get personalized Valentine gifts for the two of you? His-n-her star naming options are available with the Name a Star Live binary star selection.

A binary star is a star system where two stars share an orbit around what astronomers call a “center of mass.” Binary star systems are much different from stars that simply appear to be close together to the naked eye. Binary stars, much like a romantic couple, share a common territory and have a “relationship,” with each closely affecting the other.

By choosing a binary star system as a thoughtful Valentine’s gift, you put a special twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day present. Any time you and your Valentine look up into the sky, you’ll be reminded of the bond between you, now immortalized in the heavens.

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